DJ QBert (Skratchy Seal) - Super Seal Breaks [Purple Opaque] (12" レコード バトルブレイクス)

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型番 SEAL002-PR



説明不要のDJ QBert監修スクラッチツール「Superseal Breaks」にパープル盤仕様が登場!!限定プレス・入荷となりますのでお早めに!!

バトルブレイク作品中、最も売れ続けている作品「SUPERSEAL BREAKS」。
スクラッチDJ界の神と称えられるDJ Q-BERTがリリースした本作は発売以来、多くのDJ達がお気に入りとして愛用しているクラッシック作品。

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Skratchy's second record! This simple masterpiece made skratch DJ history by taking the bonus skipless track idea from Sealed Breaks and duplicating that for 12 tracks of the top favorite sounds every skratcher loves to play with! Feel skip freedom while practicing, recording and performing especially if the tables are in a wobbly environment. Never worry about people jumping on stage, and unstable table, or a wild skratch hand! Just let your creativeness flow by eliminating the stress of skipping and promoting a faster progression towards your own beautiful skratch style! Also includes a side with a different tempo beats to play on. This by far is the best selling skratch break record of all time and can be found on the tables of all the best skratch djs today!